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Topping every backpacker’s bucket list, the minimum daily budget for travelling in India would round up to be about 1200 rupees. The greater the daily budget, the greater the comfort. However, this daily budget is more than enough for you to have a great travelling experience!
You can have a scrumptious meal for about 100 rupees.
Breakfast:  You could splurge on South Indian dosas for as less as 30 rupees. Topped with Idly and Sambhar, they make a perfect healthy breakfast to keep you going.  You could also get a plate of Puri and Sabzi for a whopping 10 rupees which would last you a couple of hours.
Lunch/Dinner: Opt for vegetarian food. Vegetarian thalis are more than satisfying and tummy filling. Naan, sabzis, salads and rice topped with a delicious gulabjamun can never fail you! Street food is always an option. Roadside chinesehakka noodles or chicken momos are also very affordable.
Snacks: The street food scene in India is more than overwhelming.  Jhaalmuris, puchkas, dahichaat, pakoras and jalebis are to die for and are extremely affordable for any traveller.
TOTAL EXPENSE: 300 rupees.
You can find a satisfactory lodging for as cheap as 300-400 per night.
Be choosy while choosing your accommodation. If you’re a solo woman traveller, choose a hotel on the main road preferably on the higher floors. This is to make sure nobody can climb up the windows at night and if they do, the ruckus you create might draw attention of the people on the streets.
You wouldn’t get an AC room or a geyser and a TV set, but it’ll be more than comfortable for you to spend your night. Don’t forget to use any form of insect repellents. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!
Resort to couchsurfing whenever possible!
TOTAL EXPENSE: 300-400 rupees.
You can travel comfortably for as cheap as 200 per day.
The biggest pocket pinch in a backpacker’s journey is transportation. Hitchhiking is the most favourable way to travel. However, if done right, transportation can also be made cheap if you plan your travel smartly.
Travel on local government buses. They charge approximately 10 rupees for a journey of 30 minutes!
Avoid taking taxis as much as possible.
Travel overnight whenever you can and save on accommodation fare.
Don’t take private buses.
Ola Share and Uber-Go might also be affordable options. Always tally prices before you make a decision for a short journey.
AC 3 tier trains or even general class trains can be used for long distance travel. Overnight buses can also provide similar comfort.
Check for airfares for long distance travel. If booked early, you might land up on a great deal and save money instead of travelling for 3-4 days on a train.
Be spontaneous! Shuttle services are very prevalent in India. Always keep your eyes open but make sure you aren’t travelling at night if you’re a solo woman traveller.
Learn to read the cab/rickshaw meters. Travel by the meter. Hackle if possible.
TOTAL EXPENSE: 200 rupees (Short distance travel)    400 rupees (Long distance travel)
The additional money you have can be spent on tourist attractions or on buying that beautiful Rajasthani jewellery you couldn’t stop admiring. You could treat yourself to a camel safari or a go on a ski down the Himalayas or buy the fancy silk dress woven in simple cottage industries!
TOTAL DAILY BUDGET: 1,200 rupees!

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